The MWN outside broadcasting van is suitable for radio broadcasting (direct link to studio via ISDN) and high quality audio recording


Special radio equipment include ISDN codecs, wireless microphones, in ear monitors, RTW peak program meter etc.


Audio recording with 16 channel multi track facilities, 50 meter multi-cable, extensive choice of microphones etc.


See equipment list for details


outside broadcasting

Unique for a van of this size: due to the use of Caban in combination with a Yamaha digital mixing desk, it is possible to make a complete radio broadcast from location, including  jingles, music etc.


Recent projects include live coverage of outside events for the Eindhovense Regionale Verplegingsomroep and a live CD recording for the Reformed Church of Eindhoven of the musical “Mozes”


If you are interested in hiring the van, please contact us at info@caban.nl