New Features in version 5.0


- Play-out automation: You can program your own format and play it automatically 24/7. All the tools you need are inside Caban.  You can design a format using audio files, jingles, tokens and news files.

- CABAN and CPS are now a single program, but you can use it exactly in  the same way
as you did with both old programs, The older hardware options of CPS are 100%
compatible with  CABAN 5.0

- The set of tokens was extended to include news files, hardware news and pips. For exact timing there is also the possibility to use split timing tokens (see manual for details)

- The new CD players of CABAN make it possible to use the CD-ROM and CD-DVD players you may have in your PC to play audio CD’s directly in CABAN (of course with the possibility to use faderstart).

Enhanced in version 5.0

- Added the possibility to select "all categories" for the old category  in the categories replace tool

- total time in player corrected for overlap

- avoiding running multiple instances of Caban

- you can now have multiple files selected when drag-dropping on the Caban icon

- you can load sets by drag-dropping on an icon

- much improved fader panel, now including the cart wall, server and CD's. The panel is scalable, and programmable, the faders assignable and the colours programmable

- tokens colour coded green in explorer and player

- selected file in player colour coded red

- improved detection level of outro

- link to in about window starts Internet explorer

Solved in version 5.0

- making of database considerably quicker especially over network

- bug solved at the bottom of the token list in the explorer there are two incorrect items when the  explorer has shown a different list earlier

- bug solved in which tokens dragged from the grid to the player were not interpreted correctly

- bug in random file generation solved (the update after a new main database was incorrect

- bug solved The file did not land in the correct directory

- bug solved the default at end is not always saved correctly in a set file

- bug fix: in the options window only categories were shown using A..Z

- bug solved: DirectShow does not always return the correct time of mp3 files. The error might be minutes, which upsets the correctness of the automation programs  we now calculate the length ourselves (only for mp3 files, other types still use  DirectShow)




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