What is Caban?


First of all Caban is absolutely free! You do not need to register, you will not receive unsolicited mail, there are no hidden advertisements. But it would be nice if you send comments etc. to info@caban.nl.


Caban is a program for small radio studio's: local radio, hospital radio, podcast etc. It consist of several modules to record and play music on-air. Like old jingle machines, it is dedicated for use in radio studio's, but instead of using cartridges, mini-discs etc. everything is stored on a PC. This can be your local PC or a PC in a network. Caban gives you four parallel players, a recorder fro recording voice tracks jingles etc., a database program to search the tracks you need and much more.

The program is optimized for radio work. There are two ways to connect the faderstart of your mixer to Caban: A simple hardware joystick interface (just a plug and a few resistors) or Midi (for digital consoles like the Yamaha 01V/96, Tascam US-224 or Behringer BCF2000)


Optionally Caban can cooperate with another program Caban Program Server (CPS), which can be the backbone of a simple studio. It can run an automatic 24-hour music system and it can connect to dedicated hardware for the insertion of news, hardware feeds from other locations etc. The program and user manual are included in the installation of Caban and installed on your PC in the same directory where Caban is located. Please read the manual with care. This program is given you for free but the interface and the setup require your dedicated attention!


Caban can record mp3 audio files using LAME. for patent reasons, we can not include LAME in our code, so you will have to get it from the Internet separately. More information on LAME can be found here


Computer Aided Broadcast AutomatioN

version 5.0

Download version 5.0 here


New in version 5.0

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